• Organization TypeGovernment
  • HeadquartersLebanon
  • Founded1951

Establishment of The Water of Beirut and Mount Lebanon (EBML) (Lebanon)

Every water and sanitation establishment within its scope exploitation and competence the following activities:  Study, implementation, investment, maintenance and renewal of water projects for the distribution of drinking water and irrigation, and collection, and treatment and disposal of wastewater in accordance with the general business plan for water and sanitation or the prior approval of the ministry on the use of public water sources of public water or the locations of water purification plants or new outlets to discharge wastewater. Suggest tariffs for services of drinking water, irrigation and drainage of wastewater taking into consideration the social and economic general conditions. Monitoring the quality of drinking water and irrigation water and the one of wastewater on  the outfalls of the purification plants. The water establishment operate according to their own bylaws own systems. The said establishments should conclude contract. With an auditing firm for the accounts and should define its mission by issuing a report on the financial statements and final accounts and internal control regulation adopted in the authority.   The Ministry of Water & Electricity Resources shall assume in the water sector the following powers and functions: To monitor, observe, measure, count and study the water resources and to estimate the needs to water as well as the way of its use in all the regions. To control the quality of the surface and ground water and to determine is criteria. To set up the public design project to privatize and distribute the water resources for drinking and irrigation on the state level, also to set up and continuously update the water public directive plan project. To design, study and execute the huge water facilities such as the dams, mountain lakes and tunnels, to reform and exploit the riverbeds, water nets and others. To perform the artificial feed for the underground water tanks when necessary and to observe the exploitation of the extracted quantities. To protect the water resources from waste and contamination by setting up the enactments and taking the necessary measures and procedures to prevent their contamination and returning them to their natural quality. To grant permits and authorizations for excavating water, using the public water and properties, making all the necessary relevant formalities; granting them pursuant to the laws and regulations in force. To conduct the water, geological and hydrological studies and researches, to collect the technical data in the water filed, to set up and regularly update the technical plans. To exercise the control and trusteeship over the public institutions and agencies working in the water field pursuant to the provisions of this law and the corresponding enactments and provisions. To enhance the performance of the water exploitation public institutions, to control such performance on the basis of the indexes mentioned in the works program duly ratified. To set up and control the criteria to be adopted in the exploitation public institutions studies and the execution of their works, as well as the conditions and regulations of exploiting the surface and underground water in addition to the standard regulations of the water quality. To complete the appropriation formalities related to the ministry and to the water exploitation public institutions subject to its trusteeship pursuant to the laws and regulations in force. To give opinion in the permits of mines and quarries regarding their effect on the water resources. To ensure public relations with the citizens and inform them of what concern them about water and direct its use.
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