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Ethos, the Swiss Foundation for Sustainable Development , currently has 229 pension funds and tax-exempt Swiss institutions. Founded in 1997, the Ethos Foundation aims to promote socially responsible investment (SRI) and foster a stable and prosperous socio-economic environment for the benefit of current and future civil society. The Ethos Foundation is a foundation under Swiss law whose supreme body is its Board of Trustees. The general assembly of its members makes recommendations to the Board of Trustees, in particular on the Charter and the statutes. To achieve its goals, the Ethos Foundation has created  Ethos Services . It specializes in socially responsible investment (SRI) and is primarily aimed at institutional investors. Ethos Services is owned by the Ethos Foundation and 17 of its members. The general meeting elects the board of directors, which itself appoints and controls the management. Ethos Services currently has around 20 employees in its two offices in Geneva and Zurich. The Ethos Académie association is open to private individuals who wish to take part in Ethos activities. This non-profit and tax-exempt association was launched in 2012 by the Ethos Foundation. It currently has nearly 200 members. Ethos Academy carries out awareness activities of civil society in the field of socially responsible investment. Ethos Academy has a committee of five people, two of whom are appointed by the Ethos Foundation and three are elected by the general assembly of members.

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