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EUREC, created in 1991, is the leading association representing research centres and university departments active in the area of renewable energy.   The association was founded with the goal of improving the quality and scope of European research and development in renewable energy technologies. The purpose of the association is to promote and support the development of innovative technologies and human resources to enable a prompt transition to a sustainable energy system.   EUREC is the voice of renewable energy research in Europe, representing European Research Centres active in renewable energy.  Their members are prominent research and development (R&D) groups spread across Europe, operating in all renewable energy technologies (wind, biomass, small hydro, marine, geothermal, photovoltaics, solar thermal electricity, and solar thermal heating and cooling). Their members also conduct research into supporting technologies such as energy efficiency, storage, distribution and integration, and undertake studies to evaluate the social and economic aspects surrounding renewable energy.   EUREC’s mission is based around the following objectives: To identify research needs and enable R&D for innovative and integrated renewable energy solutions To promote sound policy making in renewable energy R&D To enable innovation and technology transfer by connecting research and industry through project development To promote the development of a highly qualified and trained workforce for the renewable energy sector To support international R&D cooperation   Activities EUREC activities are divided into four areas of interest: Networking – The association organise expert workshops twice per year during the EUREC College of Members, when our members get together to exchange experiences Project Development - EUREC jointly manages with other organisations the secretariat of two European Technology Platforms dedicated to renewable energy technologies Policy Inputs - Definition of common positions related to policy dossiers of interest to the renewable energy research community Education and Training – The association coordinates the European Master in Renewable Energy which is taught in nine universities across Europe. 

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