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They are a UK based reporting company established in London in 1992 specialising in U.S. Depositions.   All their reporters, Legal Videographers and litigation support personnel have extensive US deposition experience and are familiar with the procedures and issues that often accompany depositions in London, Europe and beyond. They know that a terrific, professional and personal service for clients in Europe reflects not only on the firm but also most importantly on the Company in the USA. Therefore they have a professional pride that delivers the highest quality transcripts, realtime provision and synchronised video/transcript as standard. Their reputation for delivering a smooth first rate service to the attorneys is renowned. Some recent cases European Deposition Services has worked on include: - 9/11 World Trade Center Insurance Litigation - Enron Securities Litigation  - US Government 9/11 Terror Litigation SERVICES Real Time Deposition Reporting Realtime court reporting is a co-operative venture between the reporter and the attorney. The reporter's computerized transcription system translates the stenographic markings in real time and transmits the text along a cable. The attorney or attorneys present can receive or capture this text using any program designed for this purpose. These are the realtime capture programs that they see used most often by attorneys in their practice. Rough Drafts, ASCII files, Etranscripts Rough Drafts of the transcript can be emailed at the end of the deposition to the attorney. ASCII transcripts are the most basic format.  These are sometimes called plain text files and can be imported in any software. If transcript is delivered in E-transcript format the attorney will receive an electronic transcript either on disk, CD or by e-mail. Unlike getting an ASCII, e-transcript has the program already built in so there is no additional software to buy and install. E-transcript has a number of features which an ASCII is lacking. The most obvious difference is the word index. Video Services Make a single call to schedule a Legal Video Specialist for depositions across Europe and around the world. The Standard Deposition Package includes: - On site in advance of scheduled start time - One set of master tapes for archive and duplication - One set of DVCAM videotapes as firm's master tapes - Mics on deponent, taking attorney & opposing counsel - Additional lighting when room lighting is insufficient - Backdrops as needed to meet CCP requirements - Discounted rates for long duration or quantity work Specialized Deposition Services (upon request) - Digital Video with Transcript Synchronization - Simultaneous 2-person split screens  - On-camera exhibits  - Multiple camera setup - Video transfer to CD or DVD - Audio/Video text synchronization  - International video service Internet Depositions There will probably never be a way to eliminate the need for a lawyer to attend a deposition. However the technology is available now to allow the experts and other lawyers to remain in the office and participate in the deposition remotely. Multiple parties? Expensive or hard to schedule expert?  Using Internet video streaming and realtime transcription they can deliver the deposition to off-site locations and to participants who might not be wanted in the room, for cost or other reasons. Their Videographers are trained to stream video and transcript over the internet to a secure site where authorized individuals with a unique code can access the deposition remotely either live or stored for later viewing. Translators Service coverage throughout Europe, Africa, Middle East, Russia.

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