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  • Organization TypeFunding Agencies
  • Development Budget100 Million - 500 Million
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  • Founded1994
The EEA Grants and Norway Grants are Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway's contribution to reducing economic and social disparities in the European Economic Area and to the strengthening of bilateral relations with the 15 beneficiary states in Central and Southern Europe.  In the period 2004-2009, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway made available €1.307 billion in support to the 15 Central and Southern European countries - €672 million through the EEA Grants and €635 through the Norway Grants. Supported projects, programmes and funds will be in implementation until April 2011.  In the period 2009-14, financial support is made available for programmes in 15 European countries. Of the total €1.79 billion, €988.5 million is provided through the EEA Grants and €800 million through the Norway Grants. THEMATIC AREAS 2009-14: The EEA Grants and Norway Grants 2009-14 are divided along thematic programme areas that are important in the European context, with programmes linked to environmental and climate change issues absorbing at least a quarter of the funding.    EEA Grants 1.  Integrated marine and inland water management 2.  Biodiversity and ecosystem services 3.  Environmental monitoring and integrated planning and control 4.  Reduction of hazardous substances 5.  Energy efficiency 6.  Renewable energy 7.  Adaptation to climate change 8.  Maritime sector 9.  Environmental and climate change-related research and technology 10. Funds for non-governmental organisations 11. Children and youth at risk 12. Local and regional initiatives to reduce national inequalities and to promote social inclusion 13. Public health initiatives 14. Mainstreaming gender equality and promoting work-life balance 15. Institutional framework in the asylum and migration sector 16. Conservation and revitalisation of cultural and natural heritage 17. Promotion of diversity in culture and arts within European cultural heritage 18. Research within priority sectors 19. Scholarships  Norway Grants 20. Carbon capture and storage (CCS) 21. Green Industry Innovation 22. Global fund for decent work and tripartite dialogue 23. Bilateral research cooperation 24. Bilateral scholarship cooperation 25. Capacity-building and institutional cooperation with Norwegian public institutions, local and regional authorities 26. Cross-border cooperation 27. Public health initiatives 28. Mainstreaming gender equality and promoting work-life balance 29. Gender-based violence 30. Schengen cooperation and combating cross-border and organised crime, including trafficking and itinerant criminal groups 31. Judicial capacity-building and cooperation 32. Correctional services, including non-custodial sanctions  GRANTS 2004-2009: In the period 2004-09, €1.3 billion in support was made available to projects run by the private and public sector, NGOs, research and academic institutions in Central and Southern Europe. Norway provides around 97 percent of the funding. The support includes environmental protection and research, support of children and youth with special needs, conservation and revitalisation of cultural heritage, strengthening of civil society and the fight against organised crime. In addition to nearly 320 large-scale partnership projects, hundreds of smaller-scale partnership projects are supported under the many funds and programmes managed at national level.  GRANTS 2009-2014: Through the EEA and Norway Grants 2009-14, €1.79 billion is made available to development and cooperation programmes benefiting NGOs, research and academic institutions, and the public and private sectors in the beneficiary states. The financial support covers areas such as environmental protection, climate change and renewable energy, research and education, justice and home affairs, civil society, and promotion of decent work and tripartite dialogue.  PRIORITIES 2009-14:  1. Increased cooperation and contact - The EEA and Norway Grants aim to strengthen the bilateral relations, and increase the cooperation between entities in Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway and in the 15 beneficiary states.  2. Civil society support - In the period 2009-14, at least 10 percent of the EEA Grants is being earmarked for similar funds for NGOs.  3. Environmental protection and climate change - At least a quarter of the total funding targets environmental and climate efforts. A main aim of the EEA and Norway Grants’ support in this field is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions through renewable energy, energy efficiency and carbon capture and storage.  BENEFICIARY STATES: Bulgaria Cyprus Czech Republic Estonia Greece Hungary Latvia Lithuania Malta Poland Portugal Romania Slovakia Slovenia Spain  

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