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Corruption remains endemic in Ukraine and is an impediment for its democratic and economic development. Supporting efforts to combat corruption in Ukraine is a foundation for Danish and EU support to Ukraine. European Union Anti-Corruption Initiative (EUACI) co-funded and implemented by DANIDA consolidates efforts directed at assisting Ukraine’s anti-corruption efforts. The overall objective of the EU and Danish funding for anti-corruption efforts in Ukraine is to improve implementation of anti-corruption policy in Ukraine, thereby ultimately contributing to a reduction in corruption. EU Anti-Corruption Initiative is the biggest EU support programme in the area of anti-corruption in Ukraine so far. The initiative with a duration of three years is supported by the European Commission with and by the Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs with a total budget of €15.84 million. The EU Anti-Corruption Initiative is aimed to strengthen the capacity of the newly created anti-corruption institutions and to enhance external oversight over the reform process by the Verkhovna Rada, civil society and the media. The project has three main components: strengthening the operational and policy-making capacities of state institutions dealing with the prevention and fight against corruption strengthening the Parliament’s oversight of reform implementation and its capacity to scrutinize and improve the strategic legislative framework enhancing the capacity of local, civil society and media to contribute to the fight against corruption As a part of the Ukrainian reform process EUACI will assist local governments to minimise the risk of corruption – and to establish sound and transparent procedures and innovative solutions, which will enhance efficiency and integrity – as well as allowing citizens, local level civil society, and journalists to monitor the local administrations. The local governments also need assistance in communicating initiatives and results within anti-corruption and raise awareness in the local context. EUACI will strengthen the capacity of local civil society to effectively preform local level civic oversight. That includes capacity on how to enter into dialogue with local authorities, capacity within the field of communication, as well as technical capacity on how to examine local budgets and databases and administrative practices. In case of the latter, civil society will often depend on and benefit from cooperation with investigative journalists that are able to scrutinise, document and report on corrupt practices. Strengthening investigate journalism will thus contribute to enhancing civic oversight. 

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