• Organization TypeAdvocacy NGO
  • Staff5001-10,000
  • Founded2008

Every Home Global Concern Ltd

For over 28 years, Global Concern has been providing opportunities for disadvantaged individuals and communities around the world to build better lives for themselves through education, healthcare, vocational training and micro enterprise. Far from being a handout, Global Concern aims to transform entire communities towards self sufficiency and sustainability. They don’t simply send money to overseas organisations and hope for the best, they closely monitor every one of their projects and give you the assurance that your investment is effectively addressing extreme poverty at its core.   Global Concern- Driven By Humans, Not People. Global Concern is related to and working on some of the Burning Concerns & Problems in the world. At Global Concern they not only try to find the answers but the correct solutions to burning concern and problems of their  world They are: -Agriculture- Problems in Agriculture, Use of Chemical Pesticides & Fertilizers, Lack of Agricultural Resources, Scarcity of Agriculture land and water etc. -Food Security -Conservation of Natural Resources- Conservation of water, soil, prevention of soil erosion, soil pollution, loss of soil fertility etc -Preservation and Care for Forest & Wildlife- prevention of endangered wild animals, prevention of forest and trees. -Food, Shelter, Clothing -Education and Literacy -Youth & Adolescence- Problems related to youth and adolescence, change in thoughts and mentality, generation gap etc -Women Empowerment- women abuse, women care and women up-liftment, role of women in the society, rape, sexual and physical harassment of women, dowry system. -Child & Child Issues- child labor, child abuse, sexual and physical harassment of young children -Hunger, Poverty & Unemployment -Energy Conservation and Regeneration- alternative and renewable sources of energy, conservation and preservation of energy.  -Human Rights, Social Justice & International Peace -Health & Diseases- Health, physical fitness, Drug prevention, Diseases, genetically transferred diseases, sexually transmitted disease. -Spirituality They hope to make this world a better place to live and give every social, economical, and democratic right to each and every citizen of this earth.
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