• Organization TypeInstitute
  • HeadquartersThailand
  • Founded1957

Faculty of Social Administration, Thammasat University

Faculty of Social Sciences Thammasat University Was established by the Cabinet resolution on January 11, 1957 and there was a law establishing the Faculty of Social Work at Thammasat University on January 25, 1947 with the principle and reason that In order to be in line with the state policy regarding public relations Housing and social security and to promote educational standards in social work science Social security and public relations which is a social science To be equivalent to a university abroad. Therefore, the Faculty of Social Sciences therefore considered the date of January 25th as the founding date of the faculty from that date onwards Faculty of Social Work Education In the first phase, divided into 2 departments, namely the Department of Social Work. And the journalism department Later, a royal decree was established Faculty of Social Work (Issue 2), B.E. 2508, adding the Department of Sociology and Anthropology. Up to another department 1973 Department of Journalism Separated into an independent department of Journalism and Mass Communication And upgraded to the Faculty of Journalism and Mass Communication in 1979 1977 Department of Sociology and Anthropology Have separated to set up an independent department for sociology and anthropology And upgraded to the Faculty of Sociology and Anthropology in 1984 2537 B.E., the Ministry of University Affairs announced the division of government offices in Thammasat University (No. 5) to divide the government departments in the Faculty of Social Sciences into 3 parts, namely the Secretariat Office Department of Community Development And Department of Social Work B.E. 2561 B.E., there are regulations of Thammasat University On the division of work in the Faculty of Social Sciences into the Department, B.E. 2561, dated May 7, 2018, announced in the Government Gazette, Volume 135, Special Section 134, dated 21 June 2018, effective from the day following the date of publication in The Government Gazette is, from 22 June 2018 onwards, the division of work in the Faculty of Social Sciences is divided into 2 departments, namely 1) the Sangha Department Health and Welfare 2) Department of Social Policy. Social development And community development
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