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Fastiv City Council (Ukraine)

Fastiv is a city of regional subordination. The first written mention of him dates back to 1390. The city is located 74 km from Kiev. Area - 43.1 sq. Km. The Unava River flows through the city. 47,313 people live in Fastiv, of which: 46% - men and 54% - women., Including children: preschool age - 4322, school age -5134. The working age of the population is 61.5%. Neighborhoods of Fastiv: Center, Railway Station, Zarichchya, Kaznivka, Snihurivka, Zhuravlivka, Kadlubitsa, Potiivka, Myronivsky Park, Fastiv-2.      Today Fastov - is a variety of facilities of various forms of ownership, modernization of production and products, active mastery of world economic practice, strengthening positions in domestic and world markets. The basis of the production potential of the city of Fastiv are 16 industrial enterprises. Among the products they produce: chemical, electrothermal, oil and gas and gas equipment, furniture, various oils and lubricants, garments, beer, printing products, bread and bakery products, building materials.
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