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  • Founded1903

Fauna & Flora International

Fauna & Flora International (FFI) is the world's longest established international conservation body, founded over 100 years ago. Renowned for its science-based approach, FFI has pioneered sustainable conservation work that tackles problems holistically, providing solutions that simultaneously help wildlife, humans and the environment. FFI acts to conserve threatened species and ecosystems worldwide, choosing solutions that are sustainable, are based on sound science and take account of human needs.  The organization’s work spans across the globe with over 140 projects in over 40 countries, mostly in the developing world. They stand up for biodiversity and aim to show how relevant it is to all those who share the planet. Leadership: Fauna & Flora International has been working for more than a century in innovative, sustainable conservation, developing models that inspire others. Diversity: The focus is biodiversity: to secure a healthy future for the planet where people, wildlife and wild places coexist.  Value: Lean, entrepreneurial structure and style allow us to engage quickly and effectively on critical environmental issues. Collaboration: Lasting local partnerships have been at the heart of the conservation activities for more than one hundred years.  Initiatives In practice Fauna & Flora International's (FFI’s) direct conservation impact is mostly clearly seen within the countries that Fauna & Flora International work. However, behind the scenes Fauna & Flora International takes a global perspective to the work, under a series of specific approaches and initiatives. Conservation Capacity - Fauna & Flora International always work with in-country organisations to strengthen their abilities to deliver conservation into the future. Livelihood and Governance - Fauna & Flora International believes that conservation projects should not disadvantage those living closest to biodiversity, but should assist their development and empower them to manage their own natural resources. Conservation Science - Good conservation relies on good information, expertise and decision making, and Fauna & Flora International aims to embed this across the partners, projects and grant-giving programmes. Business and Biodiversity - Fauna & Flora International wants to ensure that businesses fully understand, and take account of, their impacts on the environment and that they recognise that adopting strong environmental standards makes good business sense. Environmental Markets - Fauna & Flora International aims to ensure that the real benefits provided by biodiversity are costed accordingly within global market systems, allowing finance to flow for its protection. Climate Change - Change to global weather patterns is one of the greatest threats that will face biodiversity over coming years, and Fauna & Flora International is working to reduce the risks through supporting emissions reductions from natural habitats and by developing adaptation plans. Marine Conservation - The oceans have been badly abused over the last centuries and FFI has launched a new programme to focus on the protection of key marine sites and to address some of the wider causes of marine declines. Cultural Values - Cultural values connect people to the natural world. Fauna & Flora International (FFI) aims to build these into its conservation initiatives to improve effectiveness while helping people retain their values, knowledge and traditions.
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  • Grant Manager, Conservation Finance & Enterprise
    United Kingdom, United Kingdom
  • Senior REDD+ Programme Manager
    United Kingdom
  • Trust and Foundations Account Manager
    United Kingdom
  • Manager for Landscape Project

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