• Organization TypeAssociation
  • HeadquartersArgentina
  • Founded1973

Federación Argentina de Consejos Profesionales de Ciencias Económicas (FACPCE)

The Argentine Federation of Professional Councils of Economic Sciences (FACPCE) brings together the 24 Professional Councils throughout the country, representing more than 120,000 enrolled in the Public Accountant Careers, Bachelor of Administration, Bachelor of Economics and Actuaries. Background For about twenty years, the Professional Councils of Economic Sciences (CPCE) met in biannual national conventions. In the V National Convention, held in 1959, the idea arose to build the Argentine Federation of Professional Councils of Economic Sciences. Later, in Córdoba, the CPCE Coordinating Committee was formed, as a step prior to the definitive creation of the entity, a decision ratified in the VIII CPCE Convention, held in San Juan, in 1966. This commission was in charge of organizing biannual conventions and implement the most important recommendations resolutions. The Foundation The Coordinating Commission in the XI Convention held in Resistencia, Chaco, in October 1972, under the slogan "New Horizons of the Profession", materialized the initiative, marking historical milestones. A Special Commission composed of the CPCE of Buenos Aires, Córdoba, Chaco, Santa Fe and Tucumán was in charge of preparing the preliminary draft of the Statute, which was submitted to a consultation process by all the Councils of the country. Finally, the Statute was approved in the city of Córdoba, on June 30 and July 28, 1973. The Federation was definitively constituted, with all the Professional Councils existing at that date, on August 10, 1973, in the city. from La Plata. Philosophy and Objectives Supremacy of the Institutions The Federation is an organization that emerged within the Professional Councils that it represents. Since its inception has given primacy to institutions and not to people, that is why matters of common interest are resolved jointly, without curtailing autonomy or faculties. This Philosophy stimulated the spirit to create a vigorous, executive entity, with authority and hierarchy, with the human and material means necessary to give an effective response to the increasingly complex and changing professional problems. Commitment to the profession With significant variations due to the technical-scientific advance, the socio-economic context and the interplay of sectoral interests, the Federation is constantly fighting for trade union defense and the hierarchy of the profession through constant linkage with the professional sector and the exchange of knowledge. experiences among its members, which allows the institution to strengthen its competences, overcoming limitations and combating mediocrity. Federalism, Integration and Solidarity are the foundations of the actions of FACPCE.
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