Federación Panamericana de Consultores (FEPAC)



  • Organization TypeDevelopment Consulting, Association
  • HeadquartersBrazil
MISSION AND OBJECTIVES The mission of FEPAC is "to encourage and strengthen the development of consulting companies in the continent, promoting the growth and profitability of those firms represented by their Member Associations, leading and facilitating proper management with development agencies and government agencies. identifying with clients and consultants to add value to their projects ". THE OBJECTIVES OF FEPAC ARE THE FOLLOWING: To make widely known the nature of the consultancy, the installed and management capacity of the member firms of the Associations / Chambers that make up FEPAC. Carry out actions to promote the technological development and competitiveness of the consulting companies affiliated with the Associations / Associated Chambers of FEPAC, in benefit of the quality of the services they provide to their clients. Identify and disseminate market opportunities for regional consulting. Improve the image, representativeness and presence of the FEPAC, in the government agencies of the member countries, the multilateral banks and the consultant federations. Promote the performance of consulting activities within the framework of integrity and ethical principles contained in the Code of Conduct for Consulting Firms. Disseminate and promote the best methods for contracting engineering services, privileging the quality of services above their cost. Promote relations with other related international Federations.

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  • Rio de Janeiro
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