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Our mission The mission of the Federal Nuclear Control Agency (FNAC) is to ensure that the population, workers and the environment are protected in an effective manner against the danger of ionizing radiation. Their values COMPETENCE They act proactively. They are looking for continuous improvement. INDEPENDENCE They aim for independent, qualified and multidisciplinary expertise. They wish to establish ourselves as an integral, impartial and reliable organization. TRANSPARENCY They communicate in a transparent, neutral and objective manner. They maintain a frank and constructive relationship with their stakeholders. They encourage dialogue based on mutual respect and active listening. In the interests of credibility, they strive to make their actions visible and understandable to all. Our fields of activity The FANC is active in a wide range of activities, including: the basic standards of radiation protection the regulation of classified establishments the control of nuclear establishments (including the nuclear power stations at Doel and Tihange) the safety and security of the transport of radioactive materials Radiological Surveillance of the Territory and Emergency Plans medical applications of ionizing radiation natural radioactivity Non-Proliferation and Nuclear Security the industrial applications of ionizing radiation (long-term) management of radioactive waste In order to fulfill its mission, AFCN manages in an integrated way the aspects of nuclear safety, radiation protection, nuclear safety and guarantees.  

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