• Organization TypeGovernment
  • HeadquartersEthiopia
  • Founded1941

Federal Small and Medium Manufacturing Industry Development Agency (Ethiopia)

Overview of the Agency Establishment of the Institution It has been 75 years since the Federal Small and Medium Manufacturing Industries Development Agency was established as an institution. The agency has been referred by different names since its establishment. In 1941/42 it was founded as Her Majesty Etege Menen Handcraft School. In 1976/77 it was re-established as small industries and handicrafts development enterprise (SIHDE) In 1991/92 it was named small industries and handcraft development enterprise (SIHDE) and was structured which facilitated smooth operation until 1997/98. 1997/98 it was established by regulation No. 33/1998 of the Ministry of Councils as Federal Micro and Small Business Enterprises Development Organization (FMSBEDO). Accordingly, to the institutions that have been referred as handicraft and cottage industries for a long time were recognized as small and micro enterprises since the year 1997/98. As of 2010/11 it was re-established as Federal Micro and Small Enterprises Development Agency by Regulation No. 201/2003 of the Council of Ministers and have been referred with this name for 5 years and operated by adopting clearly defined strategy and support frameworks of the sector. With the view of expanding the changes realized in the second growth and transformation plan and become basis for the industry sector, the small manufacturing sector which has been implemented under the micro and small enterprises, was incorporated with the medium manufacturing sector by Regulation No. 373/2016 of the Council of Ministers and the organization was established under the name the Federal Small and Medium Manufacturing Industry Development Agency. Vision “Realizing sustainable and competitive small and medium manufacturing industry development which have extensive foundation for the industrial development” Mission -Facilitating the design and adoption of supportive frameworks by coordinating institutions which support small and medium manufacturing industries development and stakeholders and monitor their effectiveness in encouraging investors. - Facilitating export market chain, utilize opportunities for import substitution products and resolve challenges by coordinating joint efforts. - Formulating national and international experiences by identifying problems related with the manufacturing development and expand industrial cluster development and technology and skill cluster sectors. - Build capacities of institutions that assist the development of regional small and micro enterprises to ensure sustainability and fast growth of the sector. Objectives of the Sector’s Development - Ensuring fair distribution of resources by expanding small and medium manufacturing industries which lays vast foundation for heavy industries as well as facilitate the transition from agriculture led economy to industry led economy. - Reinforcing and support the creation of supportive institutions in order to make the small and medium manufacturing industry development competitive and sustainable.
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Company Offices

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  • Mikhail Gabi Shebte Hotel