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Fellow Mortals Wildlife Hospital

Fellow Mortals is currently one of the largest wildlife hospitals in the state and the nation, yet it operates much the same as it did when first organized by its founders and run out of their home. Their operating model is the same as that applied to nurses tending to human patients: consistency is important for patient well-being and results in better care. Where other similar-sized facilities employ volunteers for animal care, who may only see the animals one day a week for a few-hour shift, wildlife admitted to Fellow Mortals receives care from a limited number of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who see the animals nearly every day.  Where other facilities admit wildlife and then transfer it elsewhere for care, wildlife admitted to Fellow Mortals stays at the hospital from admit to release. Fellow Mortals’ operating principles are based on one simple belief:  individual life is precious. Following that principle means that providing professional care is the first imperative and professional care costs money.  Where most other facilities have given up on the idea of funding professional staff, Fellow Mortals does not accept that professional care is an “option,” but believes that it is just as important as providing proper nutrition and caging.
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