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Financial Comptroller General Office (Nepal)

The Auditor General's Office is the body responsible for conducting the accumulated funds of the Government of Nepal. The office has been responsible for facilitating the implementation of the budget, keeping account of the income and expenditure of the government and preparing its central annual statement and submitting it to the Auditor General's office. In addition to this, the management of retirement, the rest of the government is also performing the duties and other functions prescribed by the prevailing laws. Vs. Established in 5 years as the Office of the Accountant General, In the last 4 years, the office of the Auditor General has been transformed into the name of the Office of the Controller. It is one of the leading institutions in the country utilizing information technology through implementation of Wave based Single Account Funding System through Central, Quarterly and Funding Disbursements. Under this office, headed by a special category officer of the Government of Nepal, From 5 years, the responsibility of establishing the Treasury and Accounts Regulatory Offices has been established in 8 districts as the representative office. At present, there are Treasury and Accounts Controller Offices (in Kathmandu, with an additional 4 payment centers), Pension Management Office - 2 and Kumari Chowk and Central Tahsil Office - 1.
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