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Finnish Development Organizations (FINGO)

Kehys and Kepa have merged into a new umbrella organization for global justice and sustainable development, which began operations in June 2018. The new organization is named Fingo ry and a new website has been opened on 26.11.2018. Activities Fingo is a 300 NGO umbrella organization and global development expert. We bring people together to work for a fairer world. International Cooperation We work with other industry players in several international networks. With the help of networks, we can learn from each other and influence our policy making more effectively. History In 2018, Kepa and Kehys created Fingo, a new umbrella organization for Finnish development organizations. For years, we have brought together Finnish organizations and citizens to work for a fairer world. Kepa, formerly known as the Development Co-operation Center, was founded in the Old Student House on March 4, 1985. The task of the new association was to support Finnish development organizations and to increase the need for cooperation in development issues. Initially, Kepa's operations focused on development activities, through which Finnish development workers were sent to Zambia, Nicaragua and Mozambique. In the late 1990s, development activities were discontinued, and Kepa began to find new ways of working with old and new partner organizations in the target countries. Activities were expanded to new countries, and by the year 2000, Kepa had started operations in, for example, Tanzania, Brazil, India and Indonesia. From the outset, Kepa appeared to be a development policy with various campaigns and became an important development policy actor. Over the years, political influence has evolved into broad-based and long-term action. The campaigns of the 21st century focused on development policy issues emphasized by Kepa and were implemented in Finland and the world, at the grassroots level and in the direction of policy makers.   Finland's accession to the EU also increased the interest of Finnish organizations in EU development co-financing. As a result, an EU Contact Committee was established in 1995 with Kepa. The Contact Committee provided Finnish organizations with advice and training on EU affairs, and its aim was to influence EU development policy. In 2002, the Liaison Committee registered as its own association and thus the EU Association of Development Cooperation Organizations, Kehis, exited Kepta. The development cuts that took place in 2015 also hit Kep, and the public support received by the association was cut by 43 percent. As a result, for example, the Globbarit network focused on campaign activities, the Southern Volunteer Program and the Nicaragua and Mekong country offices had to be closed down. At the same time, major changes took place in the field of development policy and new challenges, issues and practices emerged that also affected the operations of Kepa and Kehis. In 2017, organizations began to build a new expert, co-operation and umbrella organization to make their operations more effective and efficient in a changing operating environment. At the extraordinary annual meeting held in June 2018, the Finnish Development NGOs Fingo ry, Fingo, was chosen as the new organization. 
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