Flamingo Horticulture Ltd.

Flamingo Horticulture Ltd is a vertically integrated agribusiness, providing their customers with the highest quality and leading best practice in the supply chain. They pride ourselves on sustainable and responsible sourcing  with strategic partnerships with their growers and customers. They are active in the growing, processing, marketing and distribution of sustainably produced roses and other cut flowers and premium and prepared vegetables and fresh herbs. The Group is a core supplier to most of the leading UK multiple retailers, as well as internationally to customers in Europe, South Africa, the Middle East, Japan and Australia. They are the largest added-value producer and exporter of flowers, delivering over 780m stems per annum. They produce and supply the EU with 26 million kg of vegetables per annum from sources worldwide and they are one of the world’s largest producers and packers of Fairtrade roses and lilies. The Group’s supply chain model is balanced between its own large-scale professional farms operating in Kenya and South Africa, combined with long-term sourcing partnerships with a global network of vertically integrated third party suppliers and out growers to offer our customers the highest quality product range and consistent year-round supply.
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Company Offices

  • United Kingdom (headquarters)
  • Stevenage
  • Flamingo House, Cockerell Close