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Focus 2030

VISION Focus 2030's ambition is to contribute to putting the development stakes on the political, media and citizen agenda, and to support international solidarity actors with a view to adopting concrete and effective measures to fight against poverty and poverty. inequalities in the world. It may seem obvious today that from North to South, from East to West, the fate of individuals, nations and the planet is increasingly linked and that we should redouble our efforts to pursue progress made over the last 20 years in the fight against poverty and access to essential services through international cooperation. Yet it is clear that here and there emerge a temptation to retreat, a collapse of multilateralism, or even the fanning of nationalism and each for himself. In the face of contemporary and future planetary disorders, their conviction is that it is important to respond urgently and collectively so that no one is left behind. This is the ambition of the Sustainable Development Goals, a series of 17 goals set by the United Nations and adopted by 193 countries to ensure a dignified life for the greatest number and contribute to the emergence of a more stable world. , more respectful of the environment and more solidarity, this by 2030. Focus 2030 has decided to respond to this call from the international community by supporting the actors involved in achieving these objectives, which can only be achieved through the adoption of effective, transparent and ambitious public policies both nationally and internationally. international. It is in this context that Focus 2030 intends to stimulate an informed debate on the issues of international solidarity and the fight against global inequalities by producing data (surveys, facts and figures, budget analyzes), supporting innovative initiatives of NGOs, research centers and committed citizens, by synthesizing the major development issues and facilitating synergies between actors advocating for the defense of the most marginalized populations around the world. MISSION Their mission is to amplify the impact, visibility and influence of the community of international solidarity actors by supporting them in three areas: communication, mobilization and advocacy with public authorities. Their goal is to put development issues on the political, media and citizen agenda in order to promote the adoption of transparent and effective public policies in the field of international solidarity and accelerate the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals. To this end, they organize their activities around 3 main areas: DATA : Survey and Analyze They produce and analyze qualitative and quantitative data on development issues (public opinion polls, facts and figures). INNOVATION : Support and support They support and finance innovative campaigns and research on the Sustainable Development Goals and Financing for Development. DEVELOPMENT : Meeting and sharing They bring together the community of development actors on a regular basis to exchange and co-build common actions. Focus 2030 operates mainly in France and Spain. DIALOGUE AND PARTNERSHIPS Dialogue, sharing and partnership are at the heart of their commitment. They work in close collaboration with the community of development actors, whom they regularly associate with the different stages of our work, whether they be of a governmental nature (bilateral, multilateral, government and other public institutions) or non-governmental (NGO, think tanks, research laboratories, social movements).
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