Fondation des Fondateurs (Foundation of the Founders)



  • Organization TypeFoundation
  • HeadquartersSwitzerland
  • Founded2007
Fondation des Fondateurs (Foundation of the Founders) is committed to making endowments as simple as possible. Established 2007, it is today Switzerland's leading umbrella foundation. Its management has proven expertise in philanthropy, and deals professionally with the execution of your grant-making wishes. Independent of any third-party interests, it accompanies you purpose-oriented in the establishment and efficient implementation of your foundation idea – however large or small your endowment may be. As an independent, non-profit umbrella foundation, the foundation offers private sponsors with small, medium and large fortunes the opportunity to effectively implement their personal advancement goals according to the criteria of cost-efficient promotional activities. History and establishment Lori and Karl Lutz-Dinkel established Fondation des Fondateurs in 2007, seeking to pave the way for a broad variety of individual foundation concerns by pooling resources. This vision defines their purpose to this very day. Fondation des Fondateurs' mission statement Fondation des Fondateurs is Switzerland's leading umbrella foundation, and is designed to promote charitable projects in Switzerland and abroad. It operates independently of financial service providers, and adopts a neutral political, ideological and religious stance. Independence Fondation des Fondateurs remains independent of banks and other financial service providers, adopting a neutral political, ideological and religious stance. It operates based on entrepreneurial principles, and is free of any other interests, whether commercial or otherwise, that may impede the underlying philanthropic idea.
 A charitable foundation operating on the national and international stage, it is regulated by the Federal Supervisory Board for Foundations (ESA). FdF uses the "Swiss Foundation Code 2015" as a basis of its operations, maintaining an exemplary system of governance. It is a member of SwissFoundations, the association of Swiss grant-making foundations, thus providing all foundations united beneath its roof with access to the networks and events initiated by this organisation. Solid and effective structures FdF offers founders a solid umbrella under  which they can execute their foundation ideas individually, effective, cost efficient, sustainably, and  protected against eventual risks. Introducing democracy to the idea behind foundations Umbrella foundations are a relatively recent development in Switzerland. They allow founders to implement their personal ideas, even with limited endowments. Quite often this involves venturing forth into uncharted legal terrain, where Fondation des Fondateurs contributes meaningful innovation in its role as a pioneer. Governance and expertise FdF is committed to contributing actively to the development of the foundation sector, and in particular to raising the bar in the area of foundation governance. The members of the foundation board are recognised experts in foundation issues, and co-authors of the “Swiss Foundation Code”. Effectiveness and cost efficiency FdF applies entrepreneurial principles to its operations, both in its asset management and its provision of services. Efficiency and effectiveness are the benchmarks by which they measure their performance each year.

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