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A foundation of public utility serving the most fragile A Foundation recognized by public utility Formerly Caisses d'Epargne Foundation for Solidarity (FCEs), the Foundation Share and Life is recognized public utility. Public utility is the recognition at the national level of the ability to pursue a goal of general and non-profit interest. The Foundation fights against all forms of exclusion. It acts mainly in the field of dependence, whether it is related to age, illness or disability. This choice has placed the Foundation at the heart of the medico-social and health sector where the needs of society are growing. A managerial Foundation The Fondation Partage et Vie is part of the so-called health and social foundations, managers of institutions. It has developed by taking over or creating new structures. The Foundation currently manages 117 facilities and services. It is one of the leading private non-profit actors for hosting and housing dependent elderly people. A major non-profit sector in the medico-social and health sector The Fondation Partage et Vie manages medical-social institutions and health whose creation is subject to authorization of the representative of the State and / or the President of the County Council. Exploitation, pricing and the budget are regulated by the regulations and placed under the supervision of the supervisory authorities. Caregivers, doctors, staff in charge of logistics, educational and social staff, administrative agents: many professions work side by side at the Fondation Partage et Vie.

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