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Fondazione di Sardegna

The Sardinia Foundation , which has its registered office in Cagliari, in Via Salvatore Da Horta n.2, and its administrative headquarters and general secretariat in Sassari, via Carlo Alberto n.7, is a private non-profit legal entity, with full autonomy statutory and management pursuant to law No. 461 of 23 December 1998, and legislative decree No. 153 of 17 May 1999, and subsequent amendments. The Foundation pursues purposes of public interest and social utility. In particular, it promotes the socio-economic development of the Sardinia Region, also by taking holdings in banking and financial companies operating in the area. Normally it acts within regional borders but, exceptionally, it can extend its operations outside of them and also abroad. It pursues its aims, in the context of pre-established sectors of intervention, by assigning grants or funding to other people's projects and initiatives, or by promoting its own and own initiatives, also in collaboration with other subjects. It can only exercise companies instrumental to the achievement of the statutory purposes, with an area of ​​action limited to the relevant sectors provided for by article 4 of the Articles of Association and it can also hold controlling interests in entities and companies whose sole object is the exercise of these companies. It ensures support to voluntary organizations, pursuant to article 15 of law No. 266 of 11 August 1991. It cannot exercise credit functions or provide, in any form, subsidies or loans, direct or indirect, to profit-making entities or to companies of any nature, unless they are instrumental enterprises, or social cooperatives pursuant to of the law 8 November 1991, n ° 381, and successive modifications. It cannot make contributions to parties and unions, or to their institutions or emanations.
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