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Fondazione Enrica Amiotti

The Foundation is dedicated to Enrica Amiotti (1885-1961) , for 47 years a primary school teacher in Albonese (Pavia). Since 1970 it identifies, rewards and disseminates educational excellence in state schools throughout Italy . Concentrated until 2013 exclusively on the Primary School, today its interest includes also the Nursery School and the 1st grade Secondary School. The Enrica Amiotti Foundation believes that the teaching staff is the real engine of didactic innovation in the School and that, however, innovation must be systematized and spread "from the bottom" , both at the level of individual schools and at the local level, national and international, on the initiative of "goodwill educators" with the support and incentive of school managers and institutions. However, it is essential that teachers consider each child and young person as a person , and share with their students the same desire and the same pleasure of being together, of "learning by doing", of developing all expressive, verbal and non-verbal languages, to communicate and exercise creative, critical and divergent thinking throughout life . Essentially leveraging on the economic resources originating from the legacy of its founder Luigi Amiotti in 1970, the Enrica Amiotti Foundation has provided over the course of its history awards to approximately 150 excellent teachers for a total of around 300,000 euros discounted, and - since 2014 - has invested another 150,000 euros in educational projects "Didactics of Doing - Doing to Include" and "Rinascimente" , a new school model for the 21st century and in "Rinascimente TV" . The Enrica Amiotti Foundation has expressed a growing commitment and determination in influencing the quality of the Italian State School, soliciting and inspiring educational innovation "from below", through its own calls and numerous educational and training initiatives in favor of teachers . Until 2006 the prizes were awarded "to the career", then they involved documented and already realized educational projects and, subsequently - starting from 2012 - inspired projects directly supported and documented by the Foundation in the matter of interculture, equal gender opportunities , digital teaching, project management for children and a very wide range of active and inclusive teaching methods(from the circus to educational robotics, from music to math outside the classroom, from project management to children's philosophy, from theater and sciences in a foreign language to an educational garden, ...), with particular regard to Special Educational Needs (BES) , to the themes of inclusion and "feeling good in class". In 2014, involving excellent teachers and school administrators from the North, Central and South of Italy, known thanks to their Calls and the “Doing Education - Doing to Include” Project , the Amiotti Foundation promoted the new Rinascimente educational model , which starts from the values ​​expressed in the Manifesto  for a school of all and for all talents and expressive languages, which draws and gives educational and planning resources to / from the territory, combining - as in the Italian Renaissance - the arts with the sciences, beauty with utility social .
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