• Organization TypeFoundation
  • Founded1996

Foundation for Integral, Community Development and Ecosystem Conservation in Panama (FUNDICCEP)

FUNDICCEP is established on October 16, 1996 and legally established on October 22, 1998. The first Board of Directors was constituted by producers in the region, which was headed by Ing. Victoriano Ríos. Once the direct advocacy of AMISCONDE project cooperators and FUNDESPA as executor has ended, FUNDICCEP assumes a leadership role and, beyond that, responsibility to continue working with the communities. Achieving even have a multiplier effect in other areas, such as the Rio Sereno, Dolega and Boquete Districts where the formation of local organizations for the development of environmental education and sustainable agriculture activities was promoted. The organization is consolidating working alliances to continue the education and sensitization work of the producing community, and in 1998, in collaboration with the Ministry of Health, executes actions of the PlagSalud Program, which had scope in highland districts of the Chiriquí province. Without stopping and broadening the horizons, in 2001, FUNDICCEP promoted the creation of a NETWORK of organizations, since local organizations worked in their community environment, but the need to achieve a greater impact was visualized, avoiding dilution of efforts and maximizing existing resources. Thus, the Alliance for the Environmental Development of the Highlands (ADATA) is constituted. During its activity as a proposal implementing agency, FUNDICCEP has obtained financing from national and international organizations. Some of the donors that have supported the foundation's programs have been: Fundación NATURA, CONSERVACION INTERNACIONAL, THE NATURE CONSERVANCY, FUNDACION RARE, USAID-OFDA. With these collaborations, the foundation has implemented proposals for Environmental Education, Community Management for conservation, Soil and water conservation, reforestation, prevention and action in emergencies, prevention and control of forest fires, Best Productive Practices, Organic Agriculture, among others. There have also been collaborations with national programs for the development of Specific Consultancies, such as the Design of the Organic Agricultural Production Strategy with AECI and the establishment of ¨Sustainable Agroforestry Models in Communities of Alto Saldaña in the Alto Caballero Corregimiento, Ngöbe Region and in the Guadalupe community in the Cerro Punta district. Currently the organization maintains a high profile in terms of the development of environmental issues, not only in the community, but also at the level of institutional and legal efforts in the interest of developing MEGAPROJECTS in the country and particularly in the province of Chiriquí, which will have major environmental impacts, but to continue without a scientific and clear analysis, will have major social repercussions for communities. 
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