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FREO2 Foundation



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  • HeadquartersAustralia
FREO2 Foundation is driven by the belief that "Every health facility that cares for in-patients must have oxygen."  The principal goals of FREO2 Foundation Australia are to create, rigorously test, and deploy at scale, new technology that helps reduce unjust inequalities in health. The group emphasises a multidisciplinary approach, bringing together students and experienced researchers and practitioners in physics, engineering, business, epidemiology, clinical medicine, public health and more. FREO2 works in mutually respectful partnerships with implementing organisations, whether in government health services, faith-based organisations or non-governmental organisations. The group defines development as a process through which people gain greater control over the circumstances of their lives. Through available technology, FREO2 aims to give greater control to health workers and the people they serve.    

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