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Fujian Normal University

Fujian Normal University is located in known as the "beach Zou Lu" reputation of the historical and cultural city of Fuzhou, is a long history, reputation of the 100 years of provincial institutions of higher learning. The school began in 1907 , the Qing Dynasty imperial division Mr. Chen Baochen founded the "Fujian excellent teacher school", after the South China Women's College of Arts and Sciences, Fujian Concord University, Fujian provincial teachers and other units after several adjustments and mergers, in 1953 to set up Fujian Normal University , In 1972 renamed Fujian Normal University and still in use today. In 2012 , the Ministry of Education and Fujian Province decided to build Fujian Normal University. In 2014 was identified as the focus of the construction of high-level universities in Fujian Province. Hundred years of spring and autumn, according to legend. Ye Shengtao, Guo Shaoyu, Dong Zuobin, Lin Lanying, Zheng Zuoxin, Huang Weiyuan, Tang Zhongzhang, Tang Chong Ti, Yao Jiannian and many other famous master at home and abroad have taught in school. After another generation of adults and adults inherited innovation, the school to temper the "know the line Benedict, Li Chengzhi wide" school motto, gave birth to the "re-education, diligent, realistic, innovative" fine school spirit, to promote the school's various business Forward development, won the "national civilized units" and a large number of high-level honorary title. Zilan tree Hui, Tao Li Fenfang. Since the school, the school has for the community to transport more than 50 million all levels of talent for all countries and Fujian Province for economic and social development has made tremendous contributions. School headquarters existing Qishan, Cangshan two campuses, covers an area of ​​about 4000 acres. Existing undergraduate 81 Ge ( 2016 Admissions Professional 74 Ge), full-time undergraduate students 2 multiplayer million, or various types of graduate 7000 people. Campus 1700 more than full-time teachers, the title of senior staff accounted for 55% ; with a doctorate teachers account for 46. Schools adhere to the Lide tree people, the talent training as a central work, and constantly deepen the education and teaching reform, efforts to enhance the quality of personnel training. Undergraduate teaching level by the Ministry of Education as excellent, has won the national teaching results one, two prize 16 . 18 of the textbooks selected "second five" general higher education undergraduate national planning materials. Has approved the national professional comprehensive reform pilot 2 , the characteristics of professional construction 10 , national quality courses, boutique resources sharing courses, boutique video open class, bilingual teaching demonstration courses 24 , national (virtual simulation) experimental teaching demonstration Center 5 , the state-level talent training model innovation experimental area 4 , national excellent teacher education program 1 . Has a national talent training base 4 , the Ministry of Education counseling training and training base, the Ministry of Education focus on the construction of vocational education teachers training base 1 . Students in the "Challenge Cup" and other national competitions in the award-winning, gold medal, first prize, selected the National 100 excellent doctoral thesis 3 . Schools to give full play to the disciplines in the construction of high-level university leading role, and strive to build first-class liberal arts, high-level science, distinctive engineering disciplines, the basic formation of a comprehensive university disciplines, covering text, history, Engineering, teaching, economics, law, management, agriculture, arts and other 11 disciplines. It has a national key disciplines 1 Ge, discipline innovation platform provincial college advantage (including cultivation) 3 , the provincial key disciplines featured 9 provincial key disciplines 26 post-doctoral research station 19 Ge, doctoral-level discipline 19 Ge , Master Degree authorization a level of discipline 37 , master professional degree authorization 13 . 6 disciplines in the country's third round of disciplines to enter the national disciplines of the top 20 , of which three disciplines into the national top 10 disciplines. The chemistry department enters ESI 1% of the world's top disciplines. Schools adhere to the "indomitable spirit", and vigorously promote collaborative innovation, climb the scientific peak. Has a national key laboratory training base, the national local joint engineering research center, the national " 2011 " collaborative innovation center (one of the core coordination unit) 3 , the Ministry of education key laboratory, engineering research center, humanities and social science key research base And other provincial-level scientific research platform 32 , the provincial key laboratory, engineering research center, humanities and social science research base 21 . Has won more than 600 provincial scientific research achievement award , which independent or co-sponsored by the three national awards (National Natural Science Award, the National Technology Invention Award, the National Science and Technology Progress Award) 18 , the Ministry of education of outstanding scientific research outstanding achievement award Humanities and social sciences first prize 3 , natural science first prize 1 item. The past five years, undertake various national issues nearly 500 entries, other kinds of topics 3000 items, including access to national social science fund major projects and educational philosophy and social science key projects of 6 items 3 monographs selected national agency Branch achievement library, 1 monograph elected to the national Social Science Fund of China outside the academic translation projects. Take the initiative to integrate into the main battlefield of economic and social development, and actively carry out cooperation in production and research, multi-channel to promote the transformation of scientific and technological achievements and industrialization. To create a number of rich regional and school characteristics of the new think tank, focusing on major practical problems, and strive to play the "think tank" and "think tank" role. School full play in the 21st century, the core area of ​​the Silk Road, adjacent to Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao and other regional advantages, and actively carry out foreign exchanges and cooperation. Has been with the United States, Britain, Australia and other countries and regions, more than 110 colleges and universities, research institutions and UNESCO established friendly and cooperative relations with more than 40 colleges and universities in Taiwan to establish a substantive cooperation. Overseas Chinese Education beginning to take shape, Distinction, has so far Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam and other 12 countries sent volunteer totaling 14 batches of 774 people, with the Philippine Red Creek ceremony shown University, co-founder of the University of printed Niamey Raza 2 Confucius College, with the United States Boston Renaissance franchise public schools to co-founder of the Confucius Classroom, at home and abroad had a good impact. During the visit to Indonesia, the academy visited Confucius Institute at the University of Alaza. The school sponsors a variety of academic journals, "Journal of Fujian Normal University" philosophy and social science and natural science version are the national Chinese core journals, philosophy and social science was named the Ministry of Education column construction column, Chinese social science citation index ( CSSCI ) Source journals, Natural Science Edition is listed as the core journal of Chinese science and technology , China Science Citation Database ( CSCD ) source journals. The library is a national key protection unit of ancient books. The total amount of paper books is nearly 4 million, and the number of e-books is more than 2 million, which is among the highest in the national colleges and universities, especially rich in ancient books, rare inscriptions, calligraphy and painting. Literature, early foreign language original books and "May Fourth" before and after the collection of representative newspapers at home and abroad. Built a modern educational technology center and other teaching and research platform, campus network equipment, widely used. Has a number of high-level sports venues, sports facilities, better meet all kinds of events, training, fitness needs. Fuxing campus, attached, attached to a small subsidiary schools, attached to the Fujian Province won the International Olympic Competition Award for the largest schools. Through the 109 years of glorious history of Fujian Normal University, is to adhere to the fundamental task of Lide tree, comprehensively deepen the comprehensive reform, comprehensively promote the connotation of development, improve the quality of running a school, in the construction of distinctive high-level comprehensive university goals And strive to make new and greater contributions to the construction of the mechanism of living, industry superiority, people rich, ecological beauty of the new Fujian and the realization of the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation.
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