• Organization TypeInstitute
  • Founded1977

Fundação de Amparo e Desenvolvimento da Pesquisa (FADESP)

The Fundação de Amparo e Desenvolvimento da Pesquisa (FADESP) is a non-profit private law institution whose objective is to support the scientific, social and technological development of the Amazon. It acts as manager of resources in the most varied areas of knowledge. Created in 1977 to support the activities of the Federal University of Pará (UFPA), it is, today, one of the great strategic agents of the North region. The Foundation works in the management of research, teaching and extension projects demanded by UFPA and other higher education institutions (Universidade do Pará / UEPA, Universidade do Oeste do Pará / UFOPA and Universidade Federal Rural da Amazônia / UFRA). institutional development and the provision of specialized technical services, such as the execution of public tenders. With the expertise acquired in over 40 years of operations, it has the differential of managing projects that focus on the Amazonian environment and sustainable development. Its main activities are the support to the research and institutional development of organs, the execution of public examinations, courses of professional qualification, of improvement, of foreign languages ​​and post graduation. In support of research, it acts in the viability of scientific programs and projects, mediating the partnerships between institutions that work in the most diverse segments and the faculty of UFPA and other HEIs. Through this intermediation, results are achieved for the community, the goal of its actions. FADESP also promotes Institutional Development (DI) in organs, entities and companies with the objective of improving the services performed by them, be it in the organizational restructuring and / or improvement of administrative procedures. Again, the results serve the population. In the academic improvement, he manages the postgraduate courses with UFPA and other partner institutions. The history of FADESP has at least 120 specialization courses and Master's degrees in Health, Technology, Linguistics and Exact. The foundation has been acting successfully in the coordination of public tenders, having managed some competitions in the three spheres: Federal, State and Municipal. Some resulted in more than 50,000 registered candidates, such as the Public Ministry of the State of Pará, in 2012. In the year 2013 we can highlight the public contest of the Federal University of West of Pará / UFOPA. This year, among the contests of great relevance are those of the Municipality of Itaituba and City Hall of Cametá. Another fast-growing area throughout the country, which FADESP is also active in, is the continued qualification of short-term courses (extension or improvement) in person and at a distance. The methodology, with case studies, has guaranteed effective learning. The Foundation acts as an interface with entities and agencies to finance and foster research and management of resources from projects of the Federal University of Pará (UFPA). In addition to reinforcing fundraising activities, it invests in more than 250 partnerships to play its part in the region's socio-economic development process. Some of the major partners are in our home.
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