Fundação Museu do Futuro


  • Organization TypeInstitute
  • HeadquartersBrazil
  • Founded1992
The Fundação Museu do Futuro (Museum of the Future Foundation) is a non-profit organization committed to sustainable human development, combating poverty, reducing social injustice and combating all forms of discrimination and prejudice. The Museu aims to be a source of project financing, aimed at solving social and economic problems in the regions where it operates. In the coming years, the Museu will operate permanently and sustainably through the creation of an international network of programs, projects and actions with the sole purpose of growth and social development. The Museu considers, on the other hand, the expectations related to the construction and performance of an increasingly active role in formulating development policies and improving the quality of life, with reference to national and international strategies to reduce poverty proposed by UN Agenda 2030 - for Sustainable Development.

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Company Offices
  • Brazil (headquarters)
  • Rua Cel. Joaquim Ignácio Taborda Ribas, 225