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The Fundación ETEA is an institute specialized in development of the Universidad Loyola Andalucía. With over 25 years of experience, the main objective of the foundation is the articulation of teaching and research with cooperation and development in the great university project of Loyola Andalucía. It is intended to continue contributing to the university mission of constituting a community that shares the values ​​of solidarity and justice by embodying them in the institution itself and that, with its action, promotes justice. The foundation plays a key role in the construction of a global university open to the world and in fulfilling the mission of the Society of Jesus. Within the framework of the mission of the Society of Jesus for the service of faith and the promotion of justice, especially in border areas, the mission of the ETEA Foundation is to promote integral human development. This mission is done: at the service of the poorest and marginalized in societies with serious problems of injustice; contributing to the internal transformation of social, economic and political structures, but arousing the active participation of the beneficiaries; with a university character (with the style and rigor of university work), but at the same time favoring an effective presence on the ground, as well as the personal commitment of its members. Based on the know-how and experience in cooperation and development that the foundation has accumulated in Europe, Latin America, Southeast Asia and Maghreb, we want to promote research as a means to learn from interventions and enhance their positive effects. For this we are focusing on four key pillars: the study of the 'Economics of development and poverty'; the 'agrarian economy, of natural resources and rural development'; the contributions to the development of the 'Comparative regional integration'; and the generation of knowledge and learning experiences in the field of 'Education and cooperation for development' for the promotion of development and the fight against poverty and exclusion, from the keys of justice and solidarity.

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