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Fundación Internacional y para Iberoamérica de Administración y Políticas Públicas (FIIAPP)



  • Organization TypeGovernment
  • Staff101-250
  • Development Budget25 Million - 50 Million
  • HeadquartersItaly
  • Founded1997
'From and for the public sector'... This phrase summarises the reason for the work. The FIIAPP is a public institution that forms part of the Spanish international development cooperation system in a specific area: democratic governance. They are beginning a new era with a new image and a new Website. A new stage full of challenges. They want to make the FIIAPP a reference institution in the area of governance, a useful instrument for the state and for all governments to share public experiences and to project the democratic values that have made Spain a reference for many countries.  They wish to consolidate themselves as the leading European public operator in technical assistance. They are a European actor, a European institution that operates from Spain. They work over the world with a special interest in Latin America. They do so with the vision that democracy, citizenship and social cohesion will be the instruments that will make it possible to combat inequality. After 10 years of existence, they see a positive balance: for the number of projects carried out, the number of experts and civil servants mobilised, the number of jobs promoted directly or indirectly by the cooperation actions and the number of institutions that have been involved and which have joined the global project. But, above all, because they have responded to the final aim of their public action: to contribute to changing and improving people's living conditions.  Without doubt, these results are due to the excellence of professionals working in the FIIAPP. They are responsible for the success achieved and are a guarantee for future achievements.  Public technical assistance is a technical cooperation mode that promotes and boosts individual and institutional capabilities to strengthen the state, mothod public administrations and improve the quality of democracy. These requirements are essential to achieve sustainable human development, greater social cohesion and the eradication of poverty in the world. The FIIAPP acts as the coordinator for various public administration. It speeds up and facilitates their participation in technical assistance projects and programmes to improve the institutional capability of government departments and to accompany public policy processes in countries that receive official development assistance (ODA). In Spain, the Foundation is responsible for the European Commission Twinning Programme to aid candidate countries in the incorporation of community laws (the body of regulations and community procedures). This program has been extended in the last few years to countries in the Mediterranean arc. It also participates in TAIEX (Technical Assistance Information Exchange Office). This is another European Union programme that provides new member states and candidate countries in the Western Balkans with technical assistance over the short term to reach the requirements for forming part of the EU. The FIIAPP contributes to the development of new political leaderships which - respect plurality and diversity,  - do not reject negotiation and dialogue,  - can generate alliances and accords or reach agreements, are respected,  - care for the general interest,  - are sensitive to the demands of the public,  - care for the opinions and perceptions of people of the degree of  solidarity that society offers them  - and that assume transparency and accountability.  For this purpose, the FIIAPP uses training as its main instrument to develop personal habilities. During these years, the FIIAPP has trained over 2.000 civil servants, political leaders and parliamentarians. The training actions, which are mainly aimed at the Latin American countries, involve three levels of action:  - Political  - Public policies  - Public management

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