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Fundación Netri

VISION Against inequality and indifference ... If an extraterrestrial came and saw the state of our world, there would be something that he would really not be able to understand: the total abundance in which one part of the world lives and the absolute misery into which the other part is plunged. He would find it harder still to understand why, when a solution to such inequality is within our reach, no serious action is being taken to resolve this . A t the Netri Foundation we believe in the ideal of a world without poverty. Our principal motivation, and the ultimate goal which gives meaning to our daily activities, is to use what means we have to put an end to this inequality between human beings, and to the indifference that accompanies it. Inequality and indifference that would certainly make us blush in in front of an extraterrestrial PURPOSE Offer help and hope to the most disadvantaged, to the poorest of the poor so that they can lead the dignified life all human beings deserve .    
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  • Carrer de Balmes,191, Entresuelo Segunda, 08006 Barcelona, Spain