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Fundatia Universitara a Marii Negre (FUMN)


  • Organization TypeFoundation
  • Founded1992
In 1992, when the Economic Organization Cooperation of the Black Sea, including 11 countries: 6 riverine to the Black Sea (Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia, The Russian Federation, Ukraine and Romania) and 5 neighboring countries (Moldova, Armenia, Azerbaijan Greece, and Albania) was founded, a group of Romanian academics coordinated by the Academic and diplomat Mircea Malita had the initiative of creating the Black Sea University Foundation, non-governmental and non-profit organization. The Black Sea University Foundation is a non-governmental and non-profit regional organization, with primary goals of promoting, clarifying and studying the economies, societies, education systems and governance of the Black Sea region – its position with the rest of the world and also the development of new ways of enhancing the interest of the region at an international level. The purpose of the Black Sea University Foundation is constituted of: -Establishing new forms of more efficient collaborations, strengthening collaborations between educational, scientific and economic sectors of the countries bordering the Black Sea and adjacent regions, with broad participation of international organizations, associations and similar institutions from other countries engaged in research, continuous training and educating, who organize activities in different domains of research, teaching and professional advising from public entities, but also from the private sector; -Updating the knowledge in vast branches of science and national and international research; -Studying geographical regions, markets, existing economical spaces and the implications of a possible creation of an economic cooperation between the Black Sea countries and the rest of the world; -Studying the ecological problems of the Black Sea, and also within the Black Sea region, preventing and combating pollution, and also the identifying, evaluating and preserving its resources; -Promoting knowledge of the cultural heritage of the region in the spirit of tolerance and respect for diversity of peoples. Promoting a culture of peace in the Black Sea area and disseminating the necessary information for European integration, reconciliation and neighborliness. -Development of borderless and transnational cooperation and partnering; -Editing and courses, periodical publications, books, in accordance with BSUF; -Developing projects and scientific research programs and teaching activities, according to the law, for the participation to national and international competitions with financing from public funds and/or private, including European Union funds; -Offering specialized consulting in all domains covered by BSUF; -Participating in the elaboration and implementation of strategies of conventional energetically, unconventional and alternative resources use, in projects and international and national financing programs, within the sustainable development programs; In the sense of the objectives that they settled, The Black Sea University Foundation undertakes the following activities: -Fundamental scientific research and applicable, offering priorities to the following domains: international relations and conflict prevention, educative science and information technology, prospective research, sustainable development, economic studies and management, international projects management, ecology and sea resources, cultural policies and global problems, alternative and unpolluted energy resources, development of food production and other non-agricultural activities including the traditional character, in the Black Sea area; -Activities of documentation in the domains listed above and also the creation of new centers for a stable activity: representations and centers, regional biros, laboratories and training units, working groups with a focused theme, teams, specialized commissions, in the country and abroad, under the law; -Developing human resources and social capital through activities of training and education: training courses, skill enhancement, specialization, graduate or intensive courses, as required by law; -Activities of reflecting and debating at a professional level, expertise or by disseminating information through conferences, round tables, symposiums, national and international seminaries on social problems and developmental problems that are found frequently in the Black Sea region in an European and global context, starting with the problem of peace and European organizing; -Organizing personal programs of action, and also partnerships with public institutions and components of civil societies; -Organizing advertising campaigns and informing about BSUF purposes; -Organizing courses, studies and periodical publications connected with the BSUF purposes;  

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  • Casa Academiei Române, Calea 13 Septembrie, nr. 13, Sector 5