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G&G Partners S.r.l. designs and develops geotextile fabrics for the waterproofing of large surfaces in Europe. It offers Cover Up geomembranes, which includes temporary or permanent landfill covers; covers for mineral storage areas, general material storage areas, and roof drainage applications; covers as barriers against root growth and Japanese Knotweed infestations; and covers as oil barriers, tank covers, lining elements for basins/ponds/channels, and general barrier systems against water or gas infiltrations, as well as pre-welded panels for furnishing cover up geomembranes. The company also offers Net Down System, a geomembrane anchoring solution for protecting landfill and storage site, and covering against damage caused by the wind; Capping Temporaneo eng, a system to render biogas systems more productive and energy efficient while controlling and reducing leachate; Definitive Capping, a clay cover for permanent safety clearance of dumping sites for non hazardous waste; and linings and covers for remediation projects. In addition, its services include providing technical support for the designing of temporary and definitive capping interventions, as well as the waterproofing of polluted areas, ponds, basins, and fluid containment canals; supplying materials for the Cover Up System and Net Down System ranges; and installing systems. The company is based in Montichiari, Italy. G&G Partners S.r.l. operates as a subsidiary of Gruppo Italtelo Spa.

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  • Italy
  • Via Gabriele D’Annunzio 9 Montichiari Brescia


Contract Awards

Provision of Tent Module

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
28 Feb 2018

Provision of Modular Interconnected Tent Unit

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Provision of Main Tent for Passengers

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)

Mobile Workshop

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
6 Dec 2017

Technical Office Room

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
6 Dec 2017

Supply of 6'6 Tents

The North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO)
10 Aug 2017