• Organization TypeWorks & Construction
  • Staff26-50
  • Founded2017
Gaias Homes is a homemade Startup and imports innovative technology to Asia to solve some of the biggest crises. They turn fast growing natural resources and plastic-waste into living capital. Using the most innovative technologies in combination with ancestral know how they restore, re-green and recycle. They build affordable high quality Eco Homes that clean up the Indian Sub-Continent and solve many modern problems. They collect, wash, melt and mix plastic waste to combine it with other ingredients and press it into durable high quality, interlocking building Bricks and Roofing / Flooring Planks. These Building Parts are fire resistant, stronger than concrete, have a lifespan of up to 500 years, clean up the environment and give us the option to build a 100sq/m house in only five days. The built houses are easy to re-assemble and earthquake proof. One 100sq/m house built with their bricks will start at approximately 8500$ and will remove two tns of plastic waste out of the environment. On top of this we offer high quality Bamboo/Cement Module Houses for those customers who prefer a more nature connected way of living, but still want to live in a sturdy and cheap home with a high living standard. Their Bamboo/Cement Module houses are as well built up in only two to five days and start at 7000$ per 100sq/m and will remove one ton of CO2 out of the atmosphere. They also include education, water treatment, sanitation and renewable energy systems in their services. Besides of all of this, go 20% of their Profits directly into environmental and social programs and projects.