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Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy (The Gaidar Institute)


The Ye.T. Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy is a scientific research and educational methodology center. It is a nonprofit organization legally established as a foundation. The Institute currently employs around 140 research staff, including one full member of the Russian Academy of Sciences, ten doctors of sciences and thirty-nine candidates of sciences. The Institute for Economic Policy of the Academy of National Economy and the Academy of Sciences of the USSR was established in 1990 and renamed as the Institute for the Economy in Transition (IEP) in 1992. Its creator and permanent Director, until December 2009, was Yegor Gaidar.  In 2010, on the IEP personnel’s initiative and pursuant to the RF President’s Decree, of 14 May 2010, No 601, the Institute was renamed as the Ye.T. Gaidar Institute for Economic Policy (or the Gaidar Institute).

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