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Gateway Children’s Fund (GCF)



  • Organization TypeImplementing NGO, Advocacy NGO
  • Staff1-5
  • Founded1990
Gateway Children’s Fund works began among the urban poor in Papua New Guinea in 1990, supporting the ministry of local pastor Kyapo Trakalowa in the capital city of Port Moresby. Initial assistance was limited to emergency food relief, clothing and shelter for families, but expanded during the 1990’s to include aid and community projects. Since 2007 the Gateway Children’s Fund (GCF) has functioned as a comprehensive child development agency, committed to improving the lives of PNG’s poorest children. GCF delivers a holistic program that is Child Focussed,Church Affiliated, and Christ Centred. Child Focussed – GCF believes every child deserves access to good food, clean water, and basic education. Children are often counted amongst the most vulnerable members of any community, and those who live in poverty are most at risk. So GCF is passionate about helping poor children live in safe, healthy environments. The hope is that they will flourish and grow up to help their families, villages, and nation. Church Affiliated – GCF works with local churches who make buildings and facilities freely available so the Programs can be delivered in poor communities where help is most needed. Through the ministry of their local church, children are shown and given the chance to respond to the love of Christ.  Christ Centred – as a Christian charity, GCF believes only Jesus Christ can transform human lives and meet the deepest needs of the heart. His love brings abundant life and empowers physical, emotional, spiritual, social and economic renewal.  The Gateway Foundation is proud to be a partner for Project J739N Gateway Children's Fund Development Project, PNG with Global Development Group (ABN 57 102 400 993), an Australian AusAID approved Non Government Organisation carrying out quality humanitarian projects with approved partners and providing aid to relieve poverty and provide long term solutions. Global Development Group takes responsibility of the project according to AusAID rules providing a governance role and assisting in the areas of planning, monitoring, evaluating and auditing to ensure the projects are carried out to AusAID requirements. Tax deductible receipts for gifts over $2 with a preference for this approved aid and development project will be issued by The Gateway Foundation (ABN 29 058 676 549) for project J739N. If projects are overfunded, funds may be directed towards other approved projects. Please note that no non-development (evangelistic, political or welfare) activities are funded by any of these projects.

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