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FOUNDING PURPOSE STATEMENT TO ADVANCE ETHICAL AND SCIENTIFIC RIGOR IN RESEARCH AND EVIDENCE GENERATION FOR GOVERNANCE, POLICY AND PRACTICE IN HUMAN RIGHTS ACTION, HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE, HEALTH, EDUCATION, HERITAGE STEWARDSHIP, AND SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT – SERVING GOVERNMENTS, INTERNATIONAL AGENCIES, INGOS, CIVIL SOCIETY ORGANIZATIONS (CSOS), COMMERCIAL ENTITIES, CONSORTIA AND ALLIANCES. THE MOVEMENT TO EVIDENCE-BASED PRACTICE IN THE SPHERES OF HUMAN RIGHTS, HUMANITARIAN RESPONSE, HEALTH, AND DEVELOPMENT IS GROWING, WELCOME, AND CLEARLY JUSTIFIED – IN TERMS OF EFFICACY, ETHICS AND EQUITY. For example, they see the adoption of the 2015 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and its supporting Indicator Framework as a milestone in this movement. As they strive to achieve the aspirations of the SDGs [17 goals, 169 targets, 230 individual indicators], the associated tracking of progress and impact will drive an unprecedented level of new and re-engineered monitoring, data collection, research and analysis globally. [see, for example, Annex 2 on SDG Indicators associated with children and adolescents] Complementing this forward trend, there has been significant evolution in the last two decades in the body of international conventions, laws, professional codes, statements of principles, and other formulations guiding the ethical conduct of research, evaluation, data collection and secondary analysis involving human participants (or datasets derived from such work). [see Annex 1 for a compilation] Equally, there has been growth of various types of ethical review bodies and regulatory mechanisms to provide assessment of and guidance on scientific rigor, ethical resilience, and other dimensions of research activity. Many of these ethical review bodies operate within academic institutions or governmental/regulatory contexts, while others operate within international agencies or INGOs, or independently. Despite the legal/treaty/conventions framework and oversight mechanisms referenced above, their assessment is that much research, evaluation, data collection and analysis in these fields proceeds without any independent ethical review, and/or with research design and methodologies that are insufficiently rigorous and not well-aligned to the research question involved and the specific geographical/ cultural context where the work will proceed.  In response to the above, they have formed a new Foundation to host a global, independent, virtual ethics review and research services capability with the purpose stated above. They believe that researchers and their organizations will engage independent review of their proposed work if it is available via an efficient, timely, and cost-effective process, and further supported by consultative services to strengthen research design, assure ethical resilience, and forge solutions where needed across the evidence generation life cycle.

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