• Organization TypeGovernment
  • Founded1951

General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies (Yenilik ve Egitim Teknolojileri Genel Mudurlugu) (Yegitek)

The general directorate was established in 1951 with the name of the Tutorial Film Center (ÖFM) to produce and reproduce the audiovisual education tools; With the establishment of the "Radio Education Unit" in 1962, its name was changed to "Film Radio Graphics Center (FRGM)". In 1968, our institution, which started broadcasting on TV with the name of “Film-Radio and Television Education Center” (FRTEM) simultaneously with TRT, continued to provide services by making use of modern and powerful broadcasting tools such as Film, Radio and TV in education and training. The institution, which successfully fulfills its mission of using technology and communication tools in education, was founded in 1992 by Film-Radio and Television Education Directorate (FRTEB), In 1998, it gained the status of General Directorate and changed its name to General Directorate of Educational Technologies (EĞİTEK). In 2011, it was renamed as today's “General Directorate of Innovation and Educational Technologies (YEĞİTEK)” with a new structure.
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