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Georgian Geothermal Association

About The Georgian Geothermal Association + is a trade association supporting the expanded use of geothermal energy. The GGA is a scientific, educational, interest safeguarding, and cultural organization established in Georgia. The GGA is a non-political, not governmental and non-profit organization, which primarily performs not an economic - enterprising activity. The 60 highly qualified scientists are the members of the Association, They work for different organizations, such as institutes of Geophysics, hydrogeology and engineering geology and other institutions. GGA is a member of the International Geothermal Association from 2007 (IGA http://www.geothermal-energy.org/). Association aims to deepen the expansion of geothermal researches, to study the geothermal resources and their rational exploitation technologies in order to save organic fuel and environment ecologically clean. The Association contributes inter-institutional contacts, exchange of experiences, collection of information, and its dissemination and popularization. Geothermal Association promotes the implementation of science and technology in various fields of research, education, industry and social fields. Promotion the active participation of the members in the international programs and projects, their trips abroad, hosting the foreign colleagues and international meetings. Connect the Foreign firms with Georgian organizations in terms of encouragement of joint enterprises, other international activity. Promotion of participation of its members in scientific and thematic seminars, conferences and international events.
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