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Gered Gereedschap

For the last 35 years Gered Gereedschap has been supporting craftsmen and women in developing countries by supplying tools, knowledge and skills. Their support is practical and tangible. They make sure good tools and the right machines are available. They arrange qualified teachers and offer guidance to self-employment to craftsmen like carpenters, car mechanics, tailors etc. Good vocational training enables people to leave behind poverty by themselves. For them, this is the essence of their support. THEIR AMBITION Gered Gereedschap has already achieved a lot in the past 35 years. They supported 1,300 organisations with refurbished tools and created 75,000 fully equipped vocational training places for craftsmen. They will continue to further develop on this success. Besides collecting, refurbishing and sending tools from their 30 workshops, they do more. The reason for this is very simple. They know from experience that a flourishing craft sector in developing countries offers great opportunity to a better life for large groups of people. Not only tools but often also sufficient skilled people, knowledge and funds are lacking in the areas they are actively working. Therefore, they support craftsmanship in broadest sense of the word. In practice, it means that they will focus even more on quality vocational education, available to everyone. They ensure that all students, after completing their training, will find a job and they encourage entrepreneurship. It is their ambition to enable 100,000 people to be self-reliant with the support of Gered Gereedschap by 2021. This is ambitious but certainly possible. They will make it work and your (financial) support will be of great value to them! Get involved or donate! THEIR PROGRAMMES The programmes of Gered Gereedschap – under the name of EQUIP – support craftsmanship in the broadest sense of the word: education, employment and entrepreneurship. EDUCATION Quality vocational education is the keystone of craftsmanship, it is where you learn both theory and practice. Gered Gereedschap supports vocational training by providing tools and machines and contributes towards knowledge and skills of teachers. This way, low-income youth get the possibility to go to school and learn a trade. Teachers are able to further their knowledge and broaden their skills. EMPLOYMENT A craftsman’s skills are best developed through practice. Gered Gereedschap does not only pave the way for a good start but also supports craftsmen when taking their first steps in the labour market. For example, by providing a starter toolkit, microcredit to purchase building materials and practical work guidance by an ‘old hand’ in the trade. ENTREPRENEURSHIP Gered Gereedschap promotes entrepreneurship. In doing so, they aim to increase employment among craftsmen. For example by setting up tool rental and tool refurbishing workshops. Good tools are scarce and not affordable for everyone. By setting up these workshops, more craftsmen will have access to good tools and machines.
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