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Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry

Germany and the Arab world traditionally maintain very good economic relationships. The trading volume reached almost 43 billion euros in 2018. Despite many challenges in some Arab countries in recent years, the Arab world remains a location with a lot of potential for investment and business development. The purchasing power and consumer spending of the over 400 million inhabitants of the Arab countries are continuously increasing. With a population half of whom are under the age of 25 and who will almost double by 2050, investments in the education, energy and health sectors as well as industrial and infrastructure projects are essential. The positive trends are also reflected in the economy in the Arab countries. In most Arab countries, more sustainable growth is provided to reduce dependence on oil revenues. For this reason, these countries have developed national visions in which the diversification of the economy, industrialization and the development of public services are the central focus. The countries also provide for support for foreign direct investment and private domestic investment, which help to improve productivity and growth potential. For German companies, these Arab projects mean enormous business potential that needs to be tapped. As a long-standing sponsor of German-Arab economic relations, they are convinced that the course has been set for even closer cooperation. The Ghorfa Arab-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry is committed to ensuring that its members participate in the great opportunities that the Arab market offers them. A strong network, valuable contacts, intercultural competence and a regular presence in the German-Arab business world are decisive for success. As a representation and an integral part of the Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Germany, they give their members access to an efficient network with short distances at the economic and political level. Their members benefit from their more than 40 years of experience in promoting economic relations between Germany and the Arab world. They also support their members with high-quality events, cultural seminars and informative publications, as well as with current reports and tenders and early information on current projects in the Arab world. GOALS AND TASKS The Ghorfa directly pursues ideal purposes. It promotes cooperation between the Arab countries and the Federal Republic of Germany in the areas of trade, industry, finance and investment as well as international understanding. Through high-profile events, delegation trips, intercultural seminars, informative publications and current reports from the Arab world and from Germany, she creates the best possible framework conditions for German-Arab economic activities. Tailored to the special needs and wishes of small and medium-sized as well as large companies, Ghorfa advises and supports them in establishing and expanding cross-border business relationships. It provides useful information, provides competent advice, sets new impulses and networks the member companies with one another. The core tasks of Ghorfa are therefore in the areas of networking, consulting and information and knowledge transfer. Ghorfa operates across industries.
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