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With 50 years of experience, Gielle is the specialist in fire safety. Whether you need portable fire equipment, service and maintenance, or large-scale fire suppression systems for mining, marine, industrial, commercial and retail use, Gielle has got you covered. Gielle is a leading provider of fire protection solutions: Every day customers in more than 40 countries rely on Gielle’s fire protection business to help protect lives and property on land and at sea. The group's expertise spans the design, manufacture, installation and service of fire products and equipment backed up with a comprehensive range of fire services from engineering advice to fire training. Gielle supplies specialist fire protection services to the mining, marine, industrial, commercial and retail industries. Many leading companies and government bodies also rely on specialist expertise. Specialising in fire detection and protection systems since 1965 and operating in over 40 countries, you can rely on Gielle to help protect you.  

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  • Italy
  • Via Resia, 26 39100 Bolzano (Bz) Italy
  • Via Galileo Ferraris 150A 52100 Arezzo (AR)
  • Italy
  • Ravenna
  • Via B.Buozzi 61 - 48123 Ravenna (Ra)
  • Via G.Verga 14/18 - Novi di Modena (Mo)
  • Via R. Ferri 32 Z.I. 70022 Altamura (Ba) Italy
  • Via Torino, 79 10040 Druento (To) Italy
  • Via Bruno Buozzi, 37 S. Donato Milanese (Mi) Italy
  • Via Orvieto, 132-134 00040 Pomezia (Roma) Italy