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  • HeadquartersUnited Kingdom
  • Founded1993

Global Witness

Global Witness is an international NGO established in 1993 that works to break the links between natural resource exploitation, conflict, poverty, corruption, and human rights abuses worldwide. The organisation has offices in London and Washington, D.C.. Global Witness states that it does not have any political affiliation. For two decades they have been campaigning for full transparency in the mining, logging, oil and gas sectors, so that citizens who own those resources can benefit fairly from them, now and in future. They believe that the only way to protect peoples’ rights to land, livelihoods and a fair share of their national wealth is to demand total transparency in the resources sector, sustainable and equitable resources management, and stopping the international financial system from propping up resource-related corruption. The Global Witness team draws on a wide range of skills, from undercover investigations and painstaking financial research, to information gathering on the ground and close cooperation with partners and activists all over the world. They use many techniques to gather evidence including interviews, secret filming, photography, document research and often just dogged physical presence – theirinvestigators sometime spend days counting logging trucks across borders and through checkpoints to monitor illegal timber trades. Their reports are known for their meticulous attention to detail and are months and sometimes years in the making. They are proud that when their reports are released, they regularly make headline news. Their undercover films are also increasingly making waves. Sarawak: Inside Malaysia's Shadow State, which exposed 30 years of corruption and illegality, had more than 1.3 million views online. But exposure is not enough: Their goal has always been to achieve system-wide change that will starve corrupt dictators and warlords of looted funds, stop brutal resource-driven conflicts, and protect the planet’s natural assets for the benefit of all. To achieve their goals, they use their hard-hitting reports and investigations to drive strategic advocacy by targeting decision-makers, campaigning to change laws, demanding accountability from political leaders and justice for perpetrators of crime and human rights violations. They often work in formal and informal partnerships and coalitions with individual allies and like-minded organisations in Europe, the United States, Africa and Asia. Together they will continue to expose the shadow systems that enable corruption and conflict, and lift the resource curse that condemns millions of people to lives of poverty and violence. Mission Many of the world’s worst environmental and human rights abuses are driven by the exploitation of natural resources and corruption in the global political and economic system. Global Witness is campaigning to end this. They carry out hard-hitting investigations, expose these abuses, and campaign for change. They are independent, not-for-profit, and work with partners around the world in the fight for justice. Vision Global Witness wants a better world -- where corruption is challenged and accountability prevails, all can thrive within the planet’s boundaries, and governments act in the public interest.
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