• Organization TypeInstitute, Service Providers
  • HeadquartersUnited States
  • Founded1931

Gordon Research Conferences (GRC)

Gordon Research Conferences, founded in 1931 and headquartered in Rhode Island, is an organization that organizes prestigious international scientific conferences dedicated to advancing the frontiers of scientific research in the biological, chemical, and physical sciences, and their related technologies. GRC organizes over 365 conferences, each highlighting the latest, cutting-edge research in fields ranging from physics to neurobiology, material science to medicine. Conference topics, to name just a few, include infectious and tropical disease, gene therapy, stem cells and cancer, computer-aided drug design, nanotechnology, new materials, bioterrorism defense, homeland and cyber security, forensic analysis of human DNA, nanocrystals and emerging energy technologies, environmental preservation, oceans and human health, string theory and cosmology. GRC is uniquely known for the rich discussions that take place after each scientific talk, where conference attendees debate the ideas presented to foster dynamic, scientific exchange. Discoveries such as the triple helix structure of DNA were first introduced and debated at a Gordon Research Conference! Each conference is limited to 200 attendees; scientists must apply to the conference and be selected by the conference chair to attend the meeting. All attendees are expected to interact and form an ongoing "community" of scientists that move the frontier of the field forward.
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