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Government of Sindh

The Government of Sindh (Sindhi: سنڌ سرڪار‎) is the provincial government of the province of Sindh, Pakistan. Its powers and structure are set out in the provisions of the 1973 Constitution, in which 29 districts come under its authority and jurisdiction. The government includes the cabinet, selected from members the Sindh Assembly, and the non-political civil staff within each department. The province is governed by a unicameral legislature with the head of government known as the Chief Minister. The Chief Minister, invariably the leader of a political party represented in the Assembly, selects members of the provincial Cabinet. The Chief Minister and Cabinet are thus responsible the functioning of government and are entitled to remain in office so long as it maintains the confidence of the elected Assembly. The head of state of the province is known as the Governor and the province's administrative head is the Chief Secretary. Although the Governor is the head of the province on paper, it is largely a ceremonial position; and the main powers lie with the Chief Minister of Sindh and Chief Secretary Sindh.
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