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Groundswell Fund

In the U.S., the majority of people support reproductive justice but the majority of policies and systems do not. This gap can only be bridged when the people organizing a strong grassroots base to hold decision makers accountable receive the resources they need to succeed. At Groundswell Fund, they resource the most effective grassroots efforts for change. Everyone deserves reproductive justice. From determining if, when and how they will have children, to living and raising their families in communities free of violence and environmental toxins, everyone should all have the power to make decisions about their bodies, families and futures. All too often, one's reproductive health and well-being are jeopardized, not just by lack of access to information and health care, but also by economic inequality, immigration status, incarceration, environmental pollution, gender discrimination and other barriers. Women of color, low-income women, and transgender people bear the brunt of this problem. At Groundswell Fund, they believe that those closest to the problem are also best able to develop strategies to achieve solutions. Since their inception, Groundswell has granted more than $22 million to the U.S. reproductive justice (RJ) movement — the primary movement engaging women of color, low-income women, young people, and LGBT people as grassroots activists on reproductive issues. Groundswell funds more RJ organizations annually than any other foundation. Their Mission: Groundswell supports a stronger, more effective U.S. movement for reproductive justice by mobilizing new funding and capacity building resources to grassroots organizing and policy change efforts led to empower low income women, women of color and transgender people. They envision a well-resourced reproductive justice movement with the grassroots power to win meaningful policy and systems change now and long into the future. For more than a decade, they have enabled a growing community of foundations and individual donors to increase the impact of their giving to this movement by offering them a different kind of philanthropic model and community: > Different in who they are: Their program staff come directly out of community and labor organizing, and have a combined 70 years of grassroots organizing and civic engagement experience within communities of color. Their board of directors is comprised of grassroots leaders shaping strategy alongside funders and donors. > Different in whom they support: women of color (WOC), low-income women and transgender people who are organizing at the grassroots level; reflecting their deep belief that resourcing those most impacted by injustice to lead is the most effective way to win reproductive justice for the greatest number of people in this country. > Different in how they support the field: through grants and capacity-building resources focused on boosting grassroots power, and funder organizing that lifts up their grantees with a larger community of funders and donors who can move resources to their work, whether or not these resources come through their doors. Today they support more RJ organizations than any other foundation in the country. Their grantees have grown from trepidation about the political process to engaging thousands of voters. They have been instrumental in the passage of nearly 200 pro-RJ policies and in blocking many regressive policies, and they have built a growing grassroots base of support for RJ across the U.S.
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