Guangdong Provincial ChangDa Highway Engineering Co., Ltd.
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Guangdong Provincial ChangDa Highway Engineering Co., Ltd.

Founded in the 1950s, the company was one of the earliest established road construction teams in Guangdong Province. The company now has a total assets of more than 30 billion yuan and an annual construction output value of more than 15 billion yuan. It is a large-scale enterprise that possesses the special qualification for general contracting of highway engineering construction, a grade A qualification for road industry design, and has the right to operate abroad. The main business extends from roads, bridges and tunnel construction to highway project investment and operation management, construction projects such as construction of BT and BOT investment projects, design and construction general contracting, highway maintenance, and reinforcement of old bridges. Since the reform and opening up, the company has participated in the construction of the Guangzhou Luoxi Bridge, the Guangdong Humen Bridge, the coastal Yamen Bridge in the west of Guangdong, the Shenzhen Bay Highway Bridge in the west of Guangdong, the Zhanjiang Bay Bridge in Guangdong, the Haicang Bridge in Xiamen, and the Hangzhou Bay Bridge in Zhejiang. More than 270 super large-scale and large-scale bridge projects such as Jintang Bridge, Zhoushan Continental Island Project, Zhejiang Jiashao Bridge, Guangzhou Huangpu Bridge, Zhuzhou City, Jiangxi Province, Zhangzhou Bridge in Jiangxi Province, and Shanghai Yangtze River Bridge and Tunnel Bridge; completion of the Fokai Expressway and Jingzhu Expressway in Guangdong Province The subgrade, road surface, bridge and tunnel projects of a large number of expressways such as the Guangdong section, the Guangdong-Guizhou Expressway and the Yuzhan Expressway. At the same time, the company also invested in the construction of Guanghui Expressway in Guangdong, Yonghe Bridge in Nanning, Guangxi, Nanwu City Avenue, Dujiangyan Bridge in Sichuan, and Yunzhou-Guangzhou Expressway in Guangxi to construct the Guangfo Expressway in BOT+EPC mode. The company insists on technological innovation, respects talents, and actively carries out "massive technological innovation" activities. The construction technologies of long-span suspension bridges, cable-stayed bridges, continuous rigid frame bridges, continuous beam bridges, arch bridges, steel bridge deck pavements, and epoxy asphalt steel deck pavements have reached domestic leading levels. In terms of construction technology, product quality, and scientific and technological progress, it has won more than 90 national and provincial-level scientific and technological progress awards, 34 invention patents, 2 Luban awards, and 8 Zhan Tianyou awards for civil engineering projects in China. It was the only one obtained in 1997. The 9th International Construction Awards in Spain by Chinese companies. In October 2006, the company was named "Top Ten Bridge Hero Team" for China's transportation construction. In 2011, the party committee of the company was awarded the title of “National Advanced Basic Party Organization” by the Central Organization Department. The company is based on the domestic market and continues to open up overseas markets. The projects under construction include: Hong Kong-Zhuhai-Macao Bridge, Humen Second Bridge, Zhejiang Taizhou Bay Bridge, Guangxi Guihe Expressway, Guangdong Chaohui Expressway and a number of key projects, Malaysia Country Garden Forest City Road Bridge and reclamation projects, and Congo ( Golden) Municipal Highway Project. The company upholds the business philosophy of “market-oriented, project-leading, management-centered, team-based, and efficiency-oriented” and insists on “creating benefits for investors, making happiness for employees, and contributing to society. The company's core values ​​are to make unremitting efforts to build a general contractor service provider with an international perspective !
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