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  • Founded1955

Guangxi Construction Engineering Group First Installation Co., Ltd. (Guangxi Yi'an)

Guangxi Construction Engineering Group First Installation Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as "Guangxi Yi'an") is a subsidiary company of Guangxi Construction Engineering Group with independent legal personality. It was established in 1955 with a registered capital of 500 million yuan. The company possesses 4 general contracting qualifications such as electromechanical engineering, construction engineering, municipal public works, and metallurgical engineering; it has 2 general contracting qualifications such as petrochemical engineering and power engineering; and 12 professional contractors such as steel structure engineering and Grade II qualification; possesses a Class II secondary power facility permit; possesses D1 and D2 pressure vessel design, A2 pressure vessel manufacturing, Boiler 1 installation and maintenance, GB1, GC1 and GD1 pressure pipeline installation, maintenance, and lifting Mechanical installation, renovation and maintenance permit, etc. At the same time, it also owns the "Qualification Certificate for Foreign Contracted Projects" and "Customs Registration Certificate for Import and Export Goods" as well as ASME Pressure Vessel "U" Stamp and U.S. Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspection Division Headquarters (NBBI) NB Stamps and so on. In addition, the company has 2 pressure vessel and steel structure processing and manufacturing bases, covering an area of ​​100 mu, and is currently constructing a new production base integrating the research and production of sugar collector equipment, production of pressure vessels and steel structure processing and manufacturing with a total capacity of 200 mu. , With strong technical research and development and processing and manufacturing capabilities. For the majority of owners can provide equipment installation, commissioning, steel structure and pressure vessel processing and manufacturing, industrial construction and civil construction and other construction contracting services, as well as all the above-mentioned qualifications of equipment, materials exports and dispatch of labor services and other services. The company actively implements the strategy for rejuvenating talents and strives to create a high-quality workforce. There are 1,513 employees, including 50 senior professional titles for various professional titles, 279 intermediate professional titles, 352 junior titles, and 52 first-class construction engineers. There are 327 secondary constructors and more than 500 skilled workers. The company has passed ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system and GB/T28001 occupational health and safety management system certification. With more than 60 years of hard work, the company's engineering distribution in the country's major rivers north and south, while based on the Guangxi market, actively "going out" business, operations in Guangdong, Hunan, Jiangsu, Jiangxi, Yunnan, Guizhou and more than 10 provinces and cities and Thailand, Ethiopia, Vietnam, Russia, Jamaica and many other countries. The magnificent construction project embodies the wisdom and painstaking efforts of the Guangxi Yi'an people and also wins many honors for the company. The company has won the "National Advanced Construction Enterprise", "National Customer Satisfaction Construction Enterprise", "National Shou contract re-credit unit" and "Guangxi Construction Industry Advanced Construction Enterprise", "Quality Management Excellent Enterprise", "Safety Production Management Advanced Unit" And other advanced titles. For enterprises to establish a good reputation for contract and keeping promises. Since the 1990s, more than 40 "Guangxi Quality Projects" have been awarded. Four of these technologies have won the glorious title of "China's Installation Star" and have won 3 National Silver Awards for Quality Projects, and 4 of the highest engineering installation industry awards - China Installation Project Quality Award; Guangxi Huayin Alumina Phase I Project, Thai Uthai Thani Sugar Factory Project won the highest quality award in China Construction Industry - China Construction Engineering Luban Award, Thailand Uthai Thani sugar factory project became the first Overseas EPC Sugar Factory Luban Award Project. With more than 60 years of historical accumulation, the company has gradually built a development structure that focuses on sugar, thermoelectricity, paper making, steel structure and pressure vessels, and engineering EPC general contracting. It has shaped a number of projects such as Guangxi Huayin Alumina Phase I in China. , Guangxi East Asia Sugar Group Funan Sugar Factory, Hunan Huaihua Juntai 400,000 tons annual pulp mill and Sinopec Beihai Taiheyuan high-rise residential building projects and other professional quality projects. Faced with new development opportunities, the company adjusted its business ideas in a timely manner, actively implemented the “going out” strategy, and achieved remarkable results in the construction of overseas projects. Has undertaken the implementation of the Lintong Alumina Thermal Power Plant Project in Vietnam, the NingPing (Coalhead) Fertilizer Plant Project in Vietnam, the EPC General Contracting Project for Ukrainian Sugarcane 12,000 tons sugarcane in Thailand, and the Japanese sugarcane 12000 in C Kwangul, Thailand. Ton sugar factory EPC general contracting project, Thailand 叻 Buri daily sugarcane 12,000 tons sugar plant EPC general contracting project, Thai Zhengda Group CP Land company series civil construction project and Ethiopian sugar industry OMO sugar factory project. When wind and waves break, there will be Yunfan and Jihai. The company always upholds the core values ​​of "Quality Originates from Responsibility and Integrity Creates Value", meticulously nurtures a first-rate team, completes and perfects first-class management, and strives to create a first-class enterprise, catering to the needs of owners and customers as the greatest driving force for development and services. The highest realm, strive to create a better future for the company!  
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Company Offices

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  • Nanning
  • Building 2, Guangxi Jiangong Building, No. 19, Pingle Road, Liangqing District