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Guangzhou Power Supply Co. Ltd. (GZPS)

Guangzhou Power Supply Co. Ltd. (GZPS) is a wholly owned subsidiary of China Southern Power Grid Co. Ltd. (CSG). GZPS takes on the pivotal task to supply power for 10 administrative districts and 2 county-level cities of Guangzhou, the total power supply area reaching 7,434 square kilometers and the number of clients adding up to 4.7 million. By July 2013, GZPS has in total 233 transformer substations of 110kV, 46 transformer substations of 220kV, and 4 transformer substations of 500kV, its main transformer capacity reaching 59.7655 million kVA, and its transmission lines (including cables) of 110kV amounting to 6,036.111 kilometers. With a power supply history dating back to 1888, Guangzhou power grid is one of the earliest regional power grids in China. Currently it is also one of the urban power networks which have the largest power load density in China. In 2009, Guangzhou power grid became the first provincial capital power grid throughout the country, whose maximum load surpasses ten million kW. Then in 2012, the maximum load of GZPS power supply area reached 12.664 million kW, supplying 65.611 billion kWH. GZPS is oriented to be a management innovator, a company reform forerunner, a quality service provider and a talents foster. It unremittingly practices the core value of CSG: A Myriad of Twinkling Lights, Great Rapport of CSG, to create a world class power grid enterprise with good service, good management, good image, advanced safety management, advanced asset management, advanced reliability, good customer service and advanced power quality. The production safety of GZPS remained stable,and safety risk management system reached the level of Four Diamonds in the external audit in 2012. GZPS has reduced the average outage time in urban areas from nearly 24 hours in 2006 to 1.79 hours in 2012. In 2013, it has again won the honor of ‘National Power Supply Reliability Grade-A Enterprise’, and it has been elected to be one of the reliable national power supply enterprises for the forth time consecutively. The average outage time of all customers was 2.95 hours and the average outage time in rural areas was 3.8 hours in 2012. In the public opinion survey conducted by Guangzhou Public Opinion Research Center, the power supply service of GZPS has ranked No.1 regarding City Condition (or Civil Service) for 13 years successively.
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Company Offices

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  • No.2 Nan Er Rd. Tianhe District, Guangzhou, Guangdong Province