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G&A is an international development consulting firm assisting its clients to increase their presence and business in emerging economies. Vision An equitable world that offers prosperity and growth opportunities to all. To say that economic and social opportunities are spread unevenly across the world is undoubtedly a gross understatement. Millions of people living in developing countries are denied the basic necessities of life. It is an uphill task to improve their living conditions while facing the challenges of the ever intensifying global competition for resources and markets. We, at G&A, believe that working towards a more equitable world is not merely a moral imperative. Economic stability, global peace and ecological balance will remain elusive without it. Corporate entities like ours can act with a sense of purpose to align their business objectives to an overarching objective of spreading more opportunities where they are needed most.   Mission To develop business in emerging economies. We believe that the role of entrepreneurship in alleviating poverty is central. The spreading of business opportunities is almost synonymous with the spreading of development, provided the functioning of public institutions, regulatory mechanisms, legal enforcement and watchdog bodies are strong enough. In addition to creating jobs and developing physical and financial assets, private enterprises bring in accountability, efficiency and inventiveness, setting forth both catalytic and cascading effects on local economies. Our business is to multiply and fortify all such businesses in emerging economies.     SERVICES G&A’s services are focused on successfully expanding our clients’ business in emerging economies. Whether the plans are to invest in, export to, or offer non-profit services in an emerging economy, G&A offers assistance tailored to the needs and characteristics of each client. Through our services we aim to bring success to our clients.     Private Sector Services Expanding business into an emerging economy through direct investment requires vision, planning, expertise and -last but not least- financing. G&A assists private project developers interested in investing in emerging economies to plan and obtain financing for their investments. G&A possesses a special expertise in the private sector lending arms of the Multilateral Development Banks (“MDBs”) such as the International Finance Corporation (“IFC”) of the World Bank Group and the Inter-American Investment Corporation (“IIC”) of the Inter-American Development Bank Group. G&A has successfully assisted clients in such sectors as, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, transport and power. Our services are tailored to the needs of each one of our clients. They can include but are not limited to:   Active representation before international financing agencies Organization of missions to Washington, DC  Preparation of investment proposals and business plans Scouting and investigative missions in the fields Identification and arrangement of joint venture partners       Public Sector Services Each year the investment loans of the World Bank generate over 30,000 contract opportunities to supply goods, works and services to public sector entities in emerging economies. G&A offers commercial advocacy services to suppliers of goods, works or services, wishing to compete in the dynamic market financed by the World Bank and other Multilateral Development Banks (“MDBs”) in emerging economies. G&A has worked with companies in the power, transport, water, waste, health, education, chemicals, ICT, and environmental sectors. Our services are tailored to the needs of each one of our clients. They can include but are not limited to:   Training on how to work in the MDB market Assistance with bid and proposal preparation Active representation before the MDBs Market research Monitoring and detailed reporting of the market generated by the MDBs Country and regional analyses Scouting and investigative missions in the field Organization of missions and presentations at MDBs Identification and arrangement of local partners       Social Sector Services The role of civil society vis-à-vis the Multilateral Development Banks (“MDBs”) has grown tremendously over the past fifteen years. Recognized as real engines behind economic development, NGOs now have a powerful voice at the highest levels of MDB and national government decision making. With more MDB programs to incorporate and support NGOs in emerging economies, G&A provides NGOs with consulting services to support the expansion of their programs in emerging economies. This activity is undertaken free of charge for a selected number of national and international NGOs.    

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